Xtreme Clean as a Pet Deodorizer

We all love our pets. I love my pets. However sometimes pets have accidents inside. And with accidents come smell. The dog accident smell isn’t quite as bad as the cat accident smell, but both are pretty rank.

Thankfully New Zealand’s best Citrus cleaner can help! The citrus oil actually reacts with the odor part of the animal pee, and stops the smell. The Xtreme Clean also loosens the dried urea (if the wee has dried a bit and is not fresh) enabling the whole thing to be picked up with an absorbant cloth.

Cleaning the dog wee / cat pee is easy. Just spray the area with a 1:10 mix of Xtreme Clean (one part water to ten parts of New Zealand’s Strongest Citrus Based Cleaner) and then pat the area with an absorbent towel or cloth. That’s it job done.