Xtreme Clean Blasts Away Nicotine Buildup

I’ve written before about how Xtreme Clean blitzes through cleaning nicotine buildup. I keep telling customers, you just spray Xtreme Clean onto the nicotine and it starts running away. I frequently get calls back from customers saying “I know you said it would make cleaning nicotine easy, but I didn’t expect it to be that easy”.

Recently I had a customer send me photos of how easily the Xtreme Clean worked for cleaning the nicotine out of his flat. A smoker had lived there for forty years, and the place was covered in the orange buildup of cigarettes.

He followed my directions, sprayed the roof with Xtreme Clean, and stood on the ground mopping the room with a damp mop.

Those bubbly parts around the clean white streaks of the mop – those are parts that have been hit with Xtreme Clean, it literally causes the nicotine to start running away.

Further pictures, the clean area is after a spray with Xtreme Clean and a mop.

Xtreme Clean makes cleaning up after cigarettes easy. You can purchase Xtreme Clean here.