Xtreme Clean & Blood Removal

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Cleaning Blood with Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean will clean up blood. This is great news, not only for serial killers, but also for butchers, farmers, and parents. Like everything with Xtreme Clean there are several tricks in order to clean the blood most effectively.

Blood is on a hard surface
If the blood is on a hard surface (lino, wooden floor, wall, etc) all you need to is to make a mix of Xtreme Clean at 1:5 (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water). Stand by the area, with a thick cloth in your hand. Spray the area, the blood will immediately become liquid and can be wiped up with ease. No scrubbing, just spray and wipe.

Blood is on clothing
If the blood is on clothing you need to spray Xtreme Clean at a 1:5 mix (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water) and use a prespray. Spray the item heavily and then put immediately into the wash (cold). Item should come out looking like new.

Blood on Carpet
If the blood is on carpet, take your mix of Xtreme Clean at a 1:5 mix (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water) and several absorbent clothes. Chux wipes won’t do, get something material and absorbent. Spray the area with Xtreme Clean, then use the hard plastic edge of the trigger to agitate the area.

Trigger to scrub xtreme clean in carpet
The rubbing of the carpet will create a dark foam, rub for about thirty seconds then apply the clothes to the area to soak up all of the foam. This should remove all of the stain.
There are two traps to be aware of. If you do not use an absorbent cloth(s) to soak up everything what you don’t soak up will spread as a stain across the carpet and you will need to repeat the process.
Heavy blood stains on carpet have often soaked through the carpet and stained the hemp & board, in order to fully remove these stains you will need to remove the carpet and clean underneath it.

One last trick, you can also feed Xtreme Clean through your carpet cleaner, this will often be enough to remove recent staining.

You can buy Xtreme Clean at our shop or by calling us on 0800 366 292. If you have further questions give us a call and we’d be happy to answer them.