Xtreme Clean & Causemag

XClean Xtreme Clean 20L

Cleaning that white powder off spreaders

Causmag spreaders are something I get asked about a lot with Xtreme Clean. Usually the question is “Can I use Xtreme Clean to clean my spreader?” The only thing most people worry about cleaning of the spreader is causmag. The answer is quite complicated.

Xtreme Clean will clean fresh causmag easily. Fresh is a loose term, Xtreme Clean will clean the causmag from the plastic part of the spreader if the causmag has been sitting there for less than two weeks. It will clean the causemag from the metal part of the spreader if it has been on there for a week or less. (both of these time frames are approximate and come from six years of demonstrating Xtreme Clean on spreaders). After this the causemag sets like concrete and is impossible to remove. The only things that could help would damage the metal of the spreader.

There is a proviso here, if you are usually good at cleaning your spreader and you only have a light coating from your last dusting, Xtreme Clean should be able to help. Simply spray the spreader with a 1:3 mix of Xtreme Clean (1 part Xtreme Clean to 3 parts water) and then give it a quick scrub with a brush, the buildup should come away easily. This is only for light coatings. If you dusted and your spreader now looks white and it has been longer than a week or two you are not going to be able to clean that spreader. However if it has only been a short while, or if your sprayer has only a light buildup Xtreme Clean can certainly help.

Xtreme Clean does come with a full 30 day money back guarantee, so grab some, and if it doesn’t work on your spreader like you had hoped I will refund all of your money.

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