Xtreme Clean, D’Limonene, and cold weather

XClean Xtreme Clean 5L

With all of the cold weather that has been happening I wanted to write something about what happens to a lot of Citrus Cleaners in the cold.

D’Limonene is the technically term for the oil from orange peels.  D’Limonene is the active ingredient in Xtreme Clean and it is the reason Xtreme Clean cleans so many different things very well.

D’Limonene is a difficult thing to work with.  If it is improperly mixed with water (or other substances) it will separate out in crystals.  Changes in temperature from warm to very frosty accelerates this process.

This is something I have seen in a number of other Citrus Cleaners, and I see it every winter.

Xtreme Clean has been properly formulated and will not separate out.  

Don’t be a fool, buy a properly formulated Citrus Cleaner.  One that will keep cleaning and cleaning.  Buy Xtreme Clean.