Xtreme Clean - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Xtreme Clean certified for use on a dairy farm?
It certainly is. Xtreme Clean is the only citrus cleaner in New Zealand certified for use on dairy farms. Xtreme Clean is MPI certified for use in dairy sheds, meaning it can be stored and used on the farm. You can see a copy of this certification on our certification page
What other certifications does Xtreme Clean have?
XClean Xtreme Clean carries the C32 approval from the Ministry of Primary Industries  You can see a copy of this certification on our certification page.  It is certified from Assure Quality for use in a number of situations. You can see this on our certifications page
If you require additional certification please get in touch on 0800 366 292.
Can I use Xtreme Clean at a stronger dilution rate?
Absolutely. Our suggested dilution rates are the result of many years testing and experimenting. However if your surface is particularly messy (or if you only have your stronger dilution bottle close at hand) you can use Xtreme Clean at a stronger rate.
Does Xtreme Clean deteriorate with age?
No Xtreme Clean does not deteriorate. We guarantee it will not deteriorate for at least five years. Why five years? Because we don’t want to keep your customer details for an eternity. And if we destroy those details we don’t know if you are being honest about when you purchased the product. So five years was set as an arbitrary guarantee date.
What is in Xtreme Clean?
The main ingredient is the oil from the skin of oranges.. It also contains a special blend of biodegradable surfactants and water softeners and builders. Because nobody likes handling treacle it has just enough water to make it easy to use.
What can't I use Xtreme Clean on?
If you wouldn’t put water on the item in question don’t put Xtreme Clean on it. It’s common sense, you water down Xtreme Clean with water, so if water is bad for the surface Xtreme Clean won’t be better. For this reason we do not recommend using Xtreme Clean on fine fabrics such as silk and suede.
You should be very cautious about using Xtreme clean on very old wooden lacquers. These lacquers were used up until the 1960s. Xtreme Clean is powerful enough that it can remove these lacquers, which on an antique is never the intended result.
Can I use Xtreme Clean if I have a septic tank?
Yes you absolutely can. Xtreme Clean is safe to use with a septic tank and is much better for your system than many store bought cleaners.
What if I get Xtreme Clean on my skin?
Xtreme Clean is harmless to normal skin; we have a number of customers that use Xtreme Clean as a hand cleaner. However it is a cleaner and we are obligated to recommend that you wear protective eyewear.  We also recommend you wear gloves when cleaning for lengthy periods of time.
Also each person is unique. There is nothing in the world that somebody isn’t allergic to. We had one prospect who got a mild rash with every form of surfactant on the market. If this is you, be cautious, wear gloves. But if you use dishwashing liquid or spray and wipe without gloves you’ll be fine with Xtreme Clean.
Can I use Xtreme Clean if I have dermatitis or asthma?
Almost certainly. A number of customers love our products for this very reason. However we are aware that every person is different and the only way to know for sure is to try Xtreme Clean yourself. It is backed with our 30 day money back guarantee. If you know the exact compounds that exaggerate your dermatitis/asthma give us a call on 0800 366 292 and we can tell you if Xtreme Clean contains anything similar to those compounds.
What if I am allergic to citrus fruits?
Sadly you can’t use Xtreme Clean. It is literally made from citrus fruits.
Will Xtreme Clean damage the rubber seals in my knapsack or garden pressure sprayer?
Xtreme Clean CANNOT damage the seals in your knapsack or garden pressure sprayers. You can leave Xtreme Clean in your knapsack for a year and there would be no degrading of the knapsack or its seals.
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What Can I clean with Xtreme Clean?

Almost anything! Some things that you may (or may not) be thinking about;

Adhesive – sticky label backing from jars, bed headboards, fridges, windows etc

Aircraft – Exhaust stain from rotor blades etc

Antisplatter – Welding Appliances – Fridges, Freezers etc Barbeques – Plates and all surfaces of your BBQ

Bathroom Surfaces – Baths, Basins, Showers, Mould from ceilings and walls etc

Bird Droppings – Cars, Tractors, and any other hard surfaces

Blood – Carpet, Deer Crushes, Freezers, Ute decks, Clothing etc

Boats – Canvas, Fibreglass, Salt Build ups, Bilge pumps, Rust stains, Water marks etc

Bug and Tar remover – Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Bicycles etc

Calf Feeders – Open top feeders, Colostrum tanks etc

Candle Wax – Tables, Floors etc

Canvas – Adhesives, Awnings, Tents etc

Carpet Shampoo

Carpet Stains – Blood, Coffee, Food, Ink, Play dough etc

Cars – Internally and externally

Ceilings – All surfaces other than stipple

Chrome – Any Chrome surface

Cloth furniture – Indoor and outdoor


Cow Dung – Vehicles, Clothing, Carpet, Washing Machine bowls (run a small amount of the concentrate through a wash cycle)

Defogger – Bathroom mirrors, Car windshields etc

Degreaser – Tractors, Cars, Motorbikes, Machinery, Tools etc

Exhaust Stains – Diesel vehicles, Trains, Tractors, Cars, Motorbikes etc

Fabric Spotting – Stain removal from clothing, Pre laundry soak and spray

Fat – Commercial and domestic kitchens, BBQ’s etc

Fibreglass – Jet ski’s, Boat hulls etc

Floors – Lino, Concrete, Wood etc

Floor mats

Fridges – Exterior and Interior

Golf Clubs – Rubber and metal

Graffiti Remover – Painted Surfaces, Fences, Windows etc

Grass Build up – Tractors after topping, Glass, Paint, Rubber

Hand Cleaner – Paint, Urethanes, Oil, Ink, Fishy smells etc

Heavy Machinery – Tree toppers, Diggers, Mining equipment etc

House wash – Paint, Brickwork, Concrete, Wood, Windows, Exterior and Interior

Ink – Clothing, Carpet, Skin, Walls etc

Jewellery – All quality non mechanical jewellery parts and items

Lawnmowers – Grass Build ups, Bird Droppings, Degreasing etc

Leather – Salt Build ups from saddles, Couches, Car seats, Motorbike Seats, Shoes etc

Lino floors – Wax Build Ups, General Cleaning

Lubricant – Rusted Tools and Parts

Mag Wheels – Brake dust, Tar, Rust stain

Maize Build up – Tractors and machinery

Marble and Granite – Bench tops etc

Mirrors – Home and Vehicle

Masking tape backing – Glass, Aluminium, Wood, Painted surfaces etc

Moss and Mould – Ceilings, Walls, Wallpaper, Outdoor furniture, Vehicles etc

Nicotine Build up – Walls, Ceilings, Canvas, Wallpaper, Glass, Vehicles etc

Oily Driveways

Outdoor Furniture – Mould, Moss, Bird droppings etc

Oven Cleaner – Exterior and Interior

Paint brushes

Paint oxidation – Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Tanks etc

Petrol Pumps – Diesel, Petrol etc

Pipe cleaning

Play dough – Floors, Tables, Carpet etc

Plastics – All plastic surfaces

Pots and Pans – Burn marks, Fat etc

Protein Build up – Around filters in the dairy Shed, Platforms etc

Restaurant Kitchens – Fat, Benches, Floors, Walls, Ceilings etc

Rubber – Vehicle windscreen surrounds, Golf Club handles etc

Rust Stains – Mag wheels, Chrome, Painted Surfaces, Vehicles etc

Scuff marks – Lino, School gyms, Gyms etc

Shearing gear – Pants, singlet’s etc

Shearing equipment – Combs and Cutters

Showers – Glass, Stainless steel, Plastic etc

Shoes – All materials other than suede and fine materials

Showroom floors – Rubber marks on car, motorbike and heavy vehicle showroom floors

Spray n Wipe

Squash courts – Ball marks from walls and floors, Shoe scuff marks

Smoke Damage – All surfaces

Stainless Steel – Burn marks from cooking, Fat, Food etc

Steam Cleaning – Vehicles, Equipment, Houses etc

Stove Hoods – Fat, Burnt on food etc

Sun beds and Gym Equipment

Thistle sap – From tractors and mowers after topping

Tile Grout – Showers, Kitchen, Patios etc

Toilets – General grime

Tractors – Degreasing, Bird droppings, Maize and grass build ups, Exhaust Stain etc

Trucks – Degreasing, General Cleaning, Brake dust, Tar, Road films, Curtain siders etc

Tyre Cleaner – Use concentrate to blacken

Upholstery – Vehicles, Furniture etc

Venetian Blinds

Vinyl – All Vinyl surfaces

Wallpaper Backing

Water based Paint – Carpet, Floors, Walls, Clothing, Skin etc

Wax Stripping – Floors, Snow Boards, Surf Boards etc


Windscreens – Through window tank or directly

Windscreen Urethane – Skin, Material, Painted surfaces etc

Wood Furniture

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