Xtreme Clean & Spotty Fly Poo

XClean Xtreme Clean 1Litre

Why are fly spots so hard to clean?

This is the important question – why are fly spots so hard to clean? (Often answering this question reveals just how to clean something).

Flyspots are gross. They are actually the flies vomit. The vomit is exceptionally acidic and the purpose of the vomit is to break down the food before consuming it. Humans eat food, and use the acidity of the stomach to break down the food post consumption. Flies vomit up to use the acidity to break down the food before eating. These flyspots create a bond with the paint making them exceptionally difficult to remove. Cleaning flyspots is like cleaning gummy half eaten sweets that have been left on the floor.

So why does Xtreme Clean do such a good job cleaning fly spots?

Xtreme Clean makes short work of cleaning fly spots. I hear this year in, year out from my customers. Xtreme Clean is New Zealand’s strongest citrus based cleaner. It’s active component, D’Limonene (Orange oil), does a number of things and when used on fly spots it acts as a solvent. It breaks down the burn bond between the flyspot and the paint enabling the fly spots to wiped off. Over the last several months I have had several enquiries about Xtreme Clean asking if it does clean fly spots as easily and effectively as my blog post claims. The answer is it does, it breaks down the bond created between poo and paint. Once this bond is broken the fly spots can be wiped off with a cloth.

There are very few products out there in the New Zealand market that will break this acidic fly spot bond down without damaging your paint. Most solvents are alcohol based and will quickly damage (or in some cases remove) paint. Xtreme Clean cannot damage your interior paint.

This combination of breaking down this acidic fly spot bond ,and being unable to damage your paint makes Xtreme Clean perfect for cleaning flyspots.

As a reminder, you can buy Xtreme Clean here.