Xtreme Clean Tips for Xmas # 1

This is a short series on hints on preparing for Christmas, with some simple tips for Xtreme Clean.

Xtreme Clean is very good at removing stubborn price stickers on gifts before wrapping them. To do this get a mix of 1:5 of Xtreme Clean (one part Xtreme Clean to five parts water), and an absorbent tea towel. Place the gift in the window for about 5 minutes so that the sunlight hits the gift, this warms up the area and helps the Xtreme Clean be more effect. Then take the tea towel and spray it repeated with the Xtreme Clean, you want the tea towel to be more than damp, but you don’t want it dripping. If possible place the tea towel on the price sticker and leave for a few more minutes. On a gift where this would damage it (e.g. cardboard) just use the cloth to wipe over the sticker. In a few wipes it should be gone.