Xtreme Clean Tips for Xmas #5

Xtreme Clean can come to help at short notice. One of its features is can remove fine traces of items that you can’t see but can smell. This is especially true for milk based products as it is the milk proteins that start becoming stinky. One example follows: We have a nice jug, its used a few times a year, usually for eggnog at Christmas. One year it can’t have been cleaned out properly as it was whiffy. It looked clean, but it didn’t smell it. Of course this was found out on Christmas eve. Never mind, Xtreme Clean to the rescue, I sprayed the item with a 1:5 mix of Xtreme Clean (one part of New Zealand’s best citrus based cleaner to five parts water) and sprayed the jug. I left it for ten minutes and then rinsed it out with hot water. Smell gone.