Nothing beats a clean, fresh home.

Here’s where everything is neat and comfy for you and your family — and when friends call, they know your home always offers a warm and welcome greeting.

But what’s the secret to keeping it this way?

If your store cupboard is bursting at the seams with costly cleaning products …

If it takes forever to tackle tough grease …

If your cleaner leaves every room smelling of chemicals

Now there’s an easier & cheaper way to bring a fresh shine to your home!

It’s called Xtreme Clean.

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Save on bills. Save on time.

Clean your home to perfection with Xtreme Clean

Xtreme Clean’s secret lies in its concentrated power.

It works like a concentrated drink. You add water to mix the strength you need. That way, you can tackle everyday stains and tougher grease with the same product.Most household cleaners don’t dilute, which means you risk using too much. Scrimping on what you use doesn’t do the job — and that’s maybe why you’re tempted to squeeze a little extra, just to be sure. But this means you’re squeezing dollars down the drain!

Everything changes when you dilute your cleaner because the measure is always right.

Xtreme Clean shows you the perfect mix for every job.

For everyday cleaning, a 1:20 mix of Xtreme Clean and water works great. For tougher grease and grime, you simply make the mix stronger according to our handy guide. That’s why Xtreme Clean is happy to go to work on regular cleaning in your kitchen or bathroom, but won’t shirk on tougher jobs like oily buildups behind stoves.

Xtreme Clean comes complete with all the measuring bottles you need to mix the perfect cleaner. You’ll also receive 2 high quality 500ml trigger sprayers with each bottle of concentrate. Our sprayers are designed specifically to be refilled over and over, so they won’t wear out after a few uses like most supermarket bottles.

You can clean pretty much anything with Xtreme Clean!



Xtreme Clean Dilutes For Cost-Effective Cleaning

And there’s nothing watered down about the benefits!

Natural Orange Peel Oil Blitzes The Grime

Xtreme Clean is rich in natural orange peel oil. This natural D’limonene is well documented as an effective way to tackle grease and grime. Xtreme Clean has as higher concentration of D’limonene than any other citrus cleaner on the market.

When you put New Zealand’s strongest Citrus cleaner to work in your home, you’ll see the cleaning power of D’limonene right away. Here’s an active ingredient that loves nothing more than to get active. Cleans everyday marks and spills with ease, and wastes no time rolling up its sleeves to tackle the heavy duty grease.

Tough on Grease, Kind to The Environment

Xtreme Clean has been formulated with the environment in mind. This means you have the reassurance of knowing your essential cleaning product is 100% safe for your family and pets. Our reusable bottles prevent excess waste entering landfill, making you eco-friendlier every time you dilute and mix your cleaner.

Fresh & Effective Cleaning Power Saves You Money

Because Xtreme Clean dilutes, you make savings right out of the bottle.

5 litres of Xtreme Clean makes 105 litres of Citrus-boosted cleaning fluid that will knock the socks off any multipurpose cleaner you can buy at the supermarket. Here’s the grease-busting power of 10 full buckets of regular cleaner, ready to go to work on every surface in your home.

Whichever way you figure the maths, Xtreme Clean SAVES YOU MONEY!

And here are the calculations to prove it …

Our standard 1:20 dilution for everyday use beats the price of any general spray ‘n’ wipe cleaner you’ll find in the supermarket.

As of Spring 2019, 500ml of regular cleaner costs $4-5 on average.

Just one litre of our concentrate fills a 500ml sprayer for $1.30.

For more savings, 5 Litres of Xtreme Clean’s Citrus freshness cuts the cost of every 500ml sprayer to just 83 cents.

This means when you replace your supermarket bought cleaners with Xtreme Clean you’ll save over $600.

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New Zealand Loves Xtreme Clean!

Thousands of homes across New Zealand now shine
thanks to the fresh Citrus cleaning power of Xtreme Clean.

Here’s what some of our satisfied customers have to say …

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Chris / Cafe Owner

I’ve used Xtreme Clean for years – it is Simply The BEST!

Belinda Green / Dunedin

The Xtreme Clean absolutely does exactly what it should do! Great stuff, I love it!

Andy / Takapoto Estate Wines

Does everything it says on the box! I love it!

Ron Hooper / Auckland

The Xtreme Clean always does what I need it to do. Fantastic product!

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Your washer and dryer have different settings for taking care of your clothes — and now it’s the turn of you home cleaner.

With just one highly concentrated cleaning product, you can take on every cleaning job in your home

We are so confident that you will love Xtreme Clean it comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. All our products make this promise, and not a single customer has yet to return Xtreme Clean. The reason is clear – they all love it.

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